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Rights Protection Mechanisms:

1. Sunrise Policy

The .MED Sunrise Period requires EACH of the following conditions without exception:
  1. Only eligible trademarks may be registered. An eligible trademark is defined as a trademark verified by, and contained in, the Trademark Clearinghouse
  2. Medistry LLC is the registrant of record of all trademark registrations in accordance with Specification 9 exemption of the .MED Registry Agreement with ICANN.
All information will be reviewed for accuracy prior to completion of a trademark registration during Sunrise. Submissions for trademark registrations found not to meet EACH of the above conditions will be rejected at Medistry's discretion.

2. Claims Policy

ns will be rejected at Medistry's discretio The .MED Claims Period will run for 90 days after the close of Sunrise in accordance with ICANN requirements.

Note: No names are reserved by the Registry from Registration during the Sunrise and Claims periods.

The 60 Day .MED Sunrise Period closed on June 24, 2016